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When initiated early, orthodontic treatment can direct jaw growth in children to allow room for permanent teeth and prevent the need to remove overcrowded teeth later. Early orthodontic care can reduce overall treatment time. Dr. Sullivan recommends an orthodontic screening for your child by the age of seven or earlier if you suspect a problem.

Early warning signs to watch for might include thumb sucking, crowding, open bite, under bite, protrusion or difficulty chewing.

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions regarding your childs orthodontic or dental needs.

Orthodontic treatment is an effective solution for crooked teeth and a jaw that is out of alignment.

Most treatments require brackets to be bonded to your teeth and a wire running from tooth to tooth.
Upon completion of your treatment, your teeth will be straight and beautiful, improving your overall health and confidence.  

We have a dedicated staff who are ready to take care of you and your children. Please feel free to call us with any comments or questions at
(513) 662-5203 or you can email us.
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